Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Wider aerial view of Pinkham Way, North Circular Road

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Barnet and NLWA land marked,
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  1. OH quick there's some nice green lush land in North London! we can't let that happen quick let's build a massive waste plant there instead!! Haringey council x

  2. Bats. We need to find some bats.

  3. This is criminal. This is POLLUTION OF MASS DESTRUCTION.People in the affected areas will suffer from noise pollution due to all the North London 'wate disposal' lorries constantly being on our roads. Air pollution from the smell of these lorries and exhaust fumes. Hazardous fumes from the incinerator on the Pinkham Way site and the other site in Barnet. Thank you Mayor and North London Councils for killing us slowly with your plans!

    1. (The Pinkham Way plant would produce incinerator fuel. The NLWA has said it would be burnt elsewhere.)