Tuesday, 27 July 2010

North London Waste Plan:

This report summarises the responses received to the consultation carried out on the draft North London Waste Plan (NLWP), which is officially known as the Preferred Options report.
The responses reported on here are being used to inform the development of the next version of the plan.
Former Friern Barnet Sewage Treatment Works, Pinkham Way, Haringey:
  • Concern about the inclusion of this site was expressed by a significant number of local residents and a range of local organizations, including Hollickwood School, Colney Hatch Residents Association, Bounds Green Residents Association, Hollickwood Community Development Association, Barnet Green Party and local Friends of the Earth groups.
  • The main concerns expressed relate to access to the site (particularly the potential use of residential streets by vehicles using the site), traffic congestion, impacts on residential amenity, health, nature conservation and impacts on the adjacent play area and nearby school and community centre.
  • Natural England expressed concern about the potential impacts on two Sites of Importance for Nature Conservation (SINCs) on the site.
We will consider whether this site should remain in the Plan in the light of the issues raised relating to groundwater and biodiversity, and specific local issues relating to access, amenity and other local impacts. We will also seek assurances from North London Waste Authority that if the site were developed under their current ownership, they would be able to provide access from the slip road off the North Circular, as assumed in our site assessment.

The decision about whether the site remains in the Plan will also be made in the context of a wider review of the overall need for sites in the light of the new waste projections which have been announced by the Mayor since the draft Plan was published.

Saturday, 17 July 2010

Not incineration???

Typical Industry Claims About 'Not Incineration' Technologies:

• “Pollution-free”
• “Zero Emissions”
• “Proven To Be Safe”
• “A New Way to Recycle”
• “Waste is Renewable Energy”
• “Closed Loop”
• Alternative to Landfills

Click on picture:

Do we want Gasification of Domestic Waste?

(Thanks to Brent Cross Coalition.)