Tuesday, 8 February 2011

NLWA Consultation story in the local press

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"The application has been drawn up in conjunction with Barnet Council, ... and the authority would consider suggestions made which would improve the project.

"The NLWA will then apply to Haringey Council, which has jurisdiction over the site, for planning permission."

"The authority estimates around 560 trucks will go in and out of the plant each working day, predominantly using the A406, Orion Road and Pegasus Way for access."

We say: 
What's that, then? One truck every minute or so, during the day?

Cela a une bonne odeur.

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  1. Given the proximity of the proposed Pinkham Way site to one of the busiest railway lines in the Country, and one of the busiest roads in London (the A406) lets hope the incinerator doesn't go up in smoke like others recently have!

    Are the NWLA insured?

  2. Great aerial picture of the site ! - clever how it doesn't show its real proximity to local schools, allotments (wouldn't want to eat those veggies)parks and homes - not to mention the golf course that's right next to it and has been since 1893

    Perhaps the camera does lie after all!