Friday, 29 October 2010

DEFRA: "The offer to support PFI Grant funding for North London Waste Authority is withdrawn."

Link to DEFRA statement
Link to North London Waste Authority
DEFRA: "Defra’s Waste Infrastructure Delivery Programme will continue to provide assistance to any projects which continue with their procurement of waste infrastructure in the absence of central government financial support."

Monday, 11 October 2010

UKWIN responds to Defra’s call for evidence

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 Incineration diverts resources from recycling, and diverts biogenic resources from composting and effective energy recovery via anaerobic digestion. The installation of incinerators, which are inherently energy inefficient, produce toxic emissions and massive quantities of CO2e, and do not save on greenhouse gas emissions, should cease forthwith, and pending the achievement of zero waste, inert non-recyclables should be put to landfill.

Working with local communities leads to both better decision making and a greater sense of ownership, helping to avoid lengthy and costly conflicts between communities, local authorities and waste companies regarding proposed waste facilities. Conversely, civil society in general and local communities in particular are alienated when incinerators are imposed against their will.

Some have expressed experiencing their own local authorities acting as agents for the waste companies, intent on forcing through decisions to build waste incinerators, without due regard for the views of local residents in the vicinity of the proposed developments.