Wednesday, 16 March 2011

'NORTH LONDON WASTE PLAN' - We say: how can Haringey possibly grant planning permission before this policy document is agreed?

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When you can be involved:

Members of the public, and local organisations, can be involved in several stages of the plan timetable. Please note the changes to the timetable, which have been caused by unforeseen delays to the preparation of the plan.

  [Even more changes than the current NLWP web site says! - see the email received below!]
  • 2007
    Informal consultation on key issues via a mobile exhibition and the NLWP website
  • From Aug 2007
    Consultation on the Sustainability Appraisal Scoping Report
  • Jan/Feb 2008
    Formal consultation on issues and options, via this website and workshops and meetings across the seven boroughs
  • 14 Oct - 24 Nov 2009
    Formal consultation on the draft plan (preferred options report), via the NLWP website, and drop-in sessions and meetings across the seven boroughs
  • Apr 2011
    [It now seems: POSTPONED TO MAY!]
    Representations can be made on 'submission' version of the plan
  • Oct 2011

    Planning inspector holds examination in public of plan
  • 2007-2011
    Sustainability Appraisal Panel, consisting of local experts, will help to review the plan as it develops

15 March 2011:
"We now expect to publish the NLWP in May. There will be a six-week period for representations, going on into June. This means that submission will now not be until September at the earliest. That is when the plan is sent to the Planning Inspectorate, with all the representations."

Archie Onslow
Programme Manager
North London Waste Plan
Camden Town Hall
Argyle Street,
London WC1H 8EQ
tel: 020 7974 5916

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