Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Enfield: "Resolve to recycle in 2012"

"Enfield Council is urging residents to get 2012 off to a green start by recycling as much as they possibly can in January.

"Households across the borough will be groaning under the weight of used wrapping paper, greeting cards, real Christmas trees and tonnes of biscuit tins and plastic food packaging - and that's before we mention kettles, toaster and the hundreds of electrical toys that have been earmarked to be thrown away after being replaced with shiny new models.

"The good news is that these can be recycled from the kerbside, and most will be collected by recycling crews on resident's [sic] normal collection day.

The Conservative Way:
Link to Cllr. Daniel Pearce
"Towards Zero Waste"
"Enfield Council's crews are out as usual in the new year and residents will have their refuse and recycling collected on their normal days - recommend removal of sentence due to been stated above [Shurely Shome Mishake. Yes, this is a real sentence from a real Enfield Council Press Release!]

"Residents can recycle greeting cards and envelopes, empty gift boxes, with the plastic packaging removed, paper based gift wrap, sweet tins and other plastic food packaging in their small black recycling box or blue lidded wheeled bin.

"Christmas trees -minus decorations, pots and turf can be put out for collection with the garden waste on the normal day, but if the tree is taller than six feet tall, it will need to be cut into smaller pieces, or taken to a park for recycling.

"Experts predict a huge surge in small electrical goods have been bought for the home this Christmas, but three quarters of old electrical items such as MP3 players, kettles, cameras and coffee makers - not to mention toys will end up in landfill with an estimated 1.3million electrical items expected to be thrown away in 2012 across the UK.

"The good news is these items can be taken to Barrowell Green Recycling Centre, and diverted away from landfill which helps protect the environment and saves the council money in landfill costs each year. 

"They can be also taken to the Council's small recycling banks located at major supermarkets or residents can book free collections of electrical equipment from their property through our website at www.enfield.gov.uk and following the links or by calling 0208 379 1000.

Enfield Council's Cabinet Member for Environment, Cllr Chris Bond, said:
"The traditional clear out in the New Year is an ideal time to recycle as huge amounts of the items we are looking to dispose of are recyclable.

Whether it’s a real Christmas tree, a kettle or mile upon mile of wrapping paper, we can recycle it all and help save the environment, and money by diverting these items away from landfill."

Christmas trees can be taken to Barrowell Green Recycling Centre, Bury Lodge Depot, Enfield Playing Fields, Forty Hall or Albany, Broomfield, Bush Hill, Durant's, Groveland's, Jubilee, Oakwood, Pymmes, Town or Trent parks until 8 January 2012. Trees can be taken to Barrowell Green after this date.

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