Wednesday, 10 October 2012

[Reposted again from Feb 2011] Anaerobic Digestion: Accident and Description

- click above then read pages 10 and 11 of 'AD & Biogas News'

"There have been three recent fatal explosions at AD plants in Germany, and although there has been only one AD-related death in the UK - an employee at an on-farm AD plant based in Dorset - it is in the interests of all, that this is the last.

"However, one high profile figure within the industry, who wished to remain anonymous, revealed that his company has been forced to make numerous visits to one plant, to rectify issues that a competent operator should have addressed. No-one would disagree, therefore, that training within the AD industry is vital, not least because of the risks inherent in the production of biogas."

"A biogas plant is not 'plug and go': you feed it carefully, you nurse it when it is not well and, most importantly, you must know what to do when something goes wrong."

"Safety issues ... include risk of explosion, confined space asphyxiation, hydrogen sulphide poisoning, gas poisoning, and risk of accidents."

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