Monday, 5 August 2013

Report of North London Waste Plan Launch Consultation

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"We received many very helpful and thorough responses as a result of the consultation and your comments will be used to inform the preparation of the new draft NLWP.

"A report on the launch consultation has been prepared to provide a summary of the consultation, responses received and information on the next steps in the plan-making process. The consultation report also sets out the main issues and any contrasting points of view. Full representations can be found the Appendices."

"Representations received to the launch consultation, alongside previous comments on the NLWP, will be used to establish the main issues for the new plan. This Report is being published so that the representations on the launch consultation are publicly available. The boroughs will consider all comments during the development of the draft plan.

"The next stage of consultation will be for the Draft Plan. This consultation is expected to happen in summer 2014.

"A formal Consultation Statement3 setting out how representations have been taken into account during the preparation of the Draft Plan will be published in November/December 2014.

"The new plan will require a robust evidence base to justify its policies and meet planning requirements. The evidence base will be assembled in three main ways. Firstly, through a review of the work undertaken for the previous NLWP to identify what material is still applicable and what needs updating; secondly, through a review of waste data to take account of any new information available; and thirdly, through an analysis of consultation responses and policy context.

"The need for new facilities will be considered in light of the forecast of waste to be managed during the plan period, an assessment of existing waste facilities and their capacity, and the gap between the two.

"Site selection criteria is a key issue for the new plan, and the North London Boroughs will consider this carefully in light of suggestions made through the consultation process and other factors such as planning policy requirements. We will be concentrating efforts to ensuring a new and robust site selection process.

"Boroughs will be updating the previous NLWP Consultation Protocol. The revised Consultation Protocol will build on the Statement of Community Involvement from each borough and create a consultation strategy which will form the basis of all NLWP consultation. The document will be published on the website in November/December 2013."

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