Monday, 5 August 2013

GLA Transport Committee on Crossrail 2 to Alexandra Palace

"London needs to build Crossrail 2, if it is to have sufficient high quality rail capacity to cope with a rapidly increasing population. Significant population and employment growth underpin the need for Crossrail 2. The most recent forecasts predict that London’s population will reach between 9.7 and 10 million by 2031.

"We must also recognise that London’s population growth has previously exceeded forecasts, and it is likely to again. TfL told us that its modelling for Crossrail 2 is based on population estimates that are already out of date because new data show that population growth has occurred at a higher rate than expected. Former Secretary of State for Transport, Lord Adonis, highlighted the fact that London’s rate of population growth far outstrips projections in other parts of the UK. We agree with his view that the nature of London’s expanding population provides a robust challenge to those who may argue that London has received sufficient investment in transport.

"... We have heard how Crossrail 2 could act as catalyst to develop new interchanges with other rail services, such as orbital rail in Barnet. For example, there could be a future rail link from the Crossrail 2 station at Alexandra Palace to Barnet. Equally, designing a Crossrail 2 station at Seven Sisters to interchange with South Tottenham station would enable passengers to connect with the London Overground. We would like to see TfL and Network Rail examine these opportunities in their on-going engineering feasibility work."

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