Wednesday, 18 June 2014

'Pinkham Way Alliance' statement

"After the failure of the last North London Waste Plan (NLWP) in 2012, a new one is being discussed. Many of you supported our first consultation submission about it.

"Preliminary focus group meetings with planners and stakeholders are underway, and we’ve been attending.

"Sadly, there are immediate and disturbing signs that the key aim of the previous and failed NLWP remains, which is to ‘deliver’ Pinkham Way to the North London Waste Authority (NLWA) for future waste use.

"Despite prior talk of ‘openness’ and ‘transparency’, there appears little real willingness to listen to outside participants.

"We asked to receive information before the meetings. ‘Not ready’, we were told. Then, a different excuse: ‘It isn’t the practice to send it’. Finally, in front of the whole meeting: ‘If it’s sent, we find people don’t read it’. It is genuinely shocking.

"So, detailed information, with wide-ranging questions about policy, is distributed at the meetings and views are canvassed immediately. A cynical and revealing ambush.

"We've been told we'll get the information beforehand next time, but we're not holding our breath. And the damage has already been done.

"Business as usual, sadly. But three years of attrition have prepared us to respond quickly to such tactics, which is precisely what we’ve done. From here, your support and encouragement, as ever, will be a vital part of this.

"We’ll keep you posted. Please stay alert to this fight, because there will be much to do, including more essential fundraising.

"Speaking of fundraising, many thanks to the many of you who came to our concert on 25 May. You were such an appreciative audience; Suzie and I thoroughly enjoyed performing to you."

Stephen Brice
Pinkham Way Alliance

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