Wednesday, 18 June 2014

NLWP: Call for Sites

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What the NLWP is currently doing:
  • We are consulting on the Scoping Report for Sustainability Appraisal
  • We are seeking nominations for sites/areas to be considered for waste development in North London
  • We have published a data study on waste in north London
  • We are contacting authorities to which north London waste is exported
  • We are starting to develop a draft Plan based on feedback received

Call for Sites
"We are inviting industry, landowners and any other interested parties to nominate sites or areas to be considered for waste development in North London. The sites or areas suggested can be either existing locations currently used for a waste management purposes which may be suitable for future expansion, or sites or areas with a future potential waste management use.

"Information submitted to us will be used in the development of the NLWP. The draft plan will contain maps and information about sites or areas being considered for inclusion in the NLWP and people will have the opportunity to comment on them.

"Should you wish to put forward a site or area, please complete a nomination form and return it with a map of the proposed site/area at scale 1:10 000 showing two named roads and any other relevant information to the address below. Please use a separate form for each site or area nominated.

"Nomination forms can be downloaded from the Call For Sites Subsection of the Document Centre. Click here for Nomination Form

"Please ensure that we receive nominations by 4th July 2014.

"You can submit your comments by email to (preferred method)

or by post to Archie Onslow, North London Waste Plan, LB Camden Culture & Environment, Town Hall, Argyle Street, London WC1H 8EQ

"Please ensure that we receive them by the deadline shown above.

"Please use the email address above for other enquiries or to request hardcopy versions of the documents.

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