Friday, 16 September 2011

Tuesday 20 September: Barnet Residents Forum Meeting

Link to Barnet council web site

Tuesday, 20 September, 6pm
All Saints Arts Centre, 122 Oakleigh Road North, London N20 9EZ

A reminder of Barnet democracy, from 4 July, is here.

15 Sept: 'Broken Barnet' web site:
"Residents Forum:
A farce - and in your face"

Link to 'Broken Barnet'

"... A local resident, let's call him Ray, stood up now to speak, with real feeling, about the use of Barnet parks for events, and the scandalous fact that charges were not waived for the abandoned Finchley Carnival.

"Mr Richardson, who had listened to the comments of Mrs Angry and of the Carnival organiser, in regard to the inequality of treatment given to Friern Barnet Summer Show and to Finchley Carnival, suggested he would investigate the matter, and respond in writing.

"When you investigate the matter, asked Mrs Angry, there is another issue I would like you to consider ... Is there not a potential conflict of interest in the fact that the Cabinet member for the Environment, Councillor Brian Coleman, is also the chair of directors of the Friern Barnet Summer Show, which allegedly had its charges waived?

"Ah. Silence, and an inscrutable expression of the face of Mr Richardson. Well, we look forward to the written reply to that one, don't we, citizens?"

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  1. Mrs Angry may well attend the next Forum, in her capacity of citizen journalist. Don't say you haven't been warned.