Friday, 10 August 2012

Brian Coleman and The Great Stink

Link to Mrs Angry's 'Broken Barnet'

"... As you may have heard, the hugely popular former London Assembly Member, former Chair of the Fire Authority, and former Barnet Council Cabinet member Brian ["Pinkham Way is just an old sewage works"] Coleman has decided that, in order to reclaim some of the headline-grabbing attention he so clearly misses, he must write his memoirs.

"What a brilliant idea! Already queues of would-be readers are forming outside Waterstones in North Finchley, just opposite Cafe Buzz, where his biggest admirer, parking campaigner and suburban terrorist Helen Michael spends her days making Mrs Angry tuna baguettes, and frightening small children and secret policemen with her posters of Brian Coleman.

"Ah, I say queues of would-be readers ... most of them appear to be shopkeepers brandishing pitchforks and flaming torches ... draw the curtains, Brian."

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