Sunday, 12 August 2012

Mail on Sunday: "Trust the politicians to try to grab a share of Olympic glory"

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"... Perhaps aware of his image as the Cabinet’s resident nerd, Education Secretary Michael Gove has been demonstrating that he’s a regular guy, by showing himself at one or two Olympic venues. And that requires the kind of brazen cheek which might make even Boris blush.

For it was Gove who, in October 2010, set out to destroy a programme called School Sports Partnerships, by stripping it of £162-million in yearly funding.

The programme allowed PE teachers and professional coaches to work with groups of State schools across England. As one London primary school head told me last week:
"We were in an excellent school partnership. It gave our children so many opportunities to take part in a range of sports, and supported me with specialist coaching.

... The sports partnership also led to children going on to a range of sports clubs. All gone now."

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