Monday, 20 August 2012

"There’s gold in them thar landfills - £650m of valuable materials being thrown every year"

Link to Evening Standard

"At least £650 million worth of valuable materials are being thrown into landfill or burned in the UK each year, despite rising costs of natural resources, campaigners warned today.

"A coalition of business groups and environmentalists said products ranging from steel, wheat and rubber to 'rare earth' metals necessary for making goods such as mobile phones will become increasingly costly, threatening UK productivity.

"The coalition, which includes the manufacturers' organisation EEF and Friends of the Earth, is demanding the Government develop an urgent action plan to preserve valuable resources, including policies to improve recycling and a ban on reusable materials going into landfill."

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  1. One of those materials is Americium 241 from old smoke detectors legal to dispose of to land fill or incinerators since 1980.... C/1317135025372