Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Save Friern Barnet Library Group: Up in Court: 12 Angry Bloggers

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Court case update
17th Dec.

Thanks to everyone who tweeted messages of support using hashtag #SaveFBL. Please keep it up!
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"It was not clear for a long time whether the good humoured judge, who made every effort to accommodate the needs of the public to understand the proceedings, would allow an amended defence to go ahead (i.e. the arguments, or pleadings by Leigh Day now acting for the defendants Keith Martin, Peter Phoenix, Daniel and Petra).

"The Judge then asked about the defence (their skeletal central arguments). Our side, represented brilliantly by SS (Sarah Sackman) quickly conceded that she was not contesting the issue of title. That left two main issues: Articles 10 & 11 of the European Human Rights Directive, regarding Freedom of Protest and Freedom of Assembly and implied licence - i.e. whether Barnet Council (LBB) - in holding talks with the Occupiers – had granted them some right to remain."


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