Thursday, 20 December 2012

Bedford Times & Citizen: "Covanta: 'This is a scandalous decision'"

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"Two councils have united to condemn news that the Covanta incinerator for Stewartby has been given the green light by the government.

"The Covanta proposal is for a 585,000 tonne per annum waste-to-energy and material recovery facility at Rookery Pit, Stewartby.

"It would burn rubbish from other counties’ authorities at the site [including possibly north London?] and has been opposed by residents and local MPs alike.

"Both Central Bedfordshire Council and Bedford Borough Council objected to the proposal from the outset. The decision made by the Infrastructure Planning Committee (IPC) was to allow the development. However, because the development consent order involved the compulsory purchase of land owned by the councils it was subject to special parliamentary procedure." 

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MRW: "Covanta incinerator gets committee support"

"Plans for an incinerator in Bedfordshire have moved a step closer after a parliamentary committee supported the project and rejected petitions from local councils and other campaigners.

"... Covanta Energy’s UK managing director Malcolm Chilton said:
"I am very pleased that the Joint Committee has supported the project, finding that there is no case to answer in respect of the two councils’ petitions of general objection and the amending petition by WRG.

I believe that the Rookery South RRF is a good project that will make an important contribution to meeting the urgent need for new, low-carbon electricity generating capacity in this country and help deliver more sustainable waste management."

The site is south of Bedford,
between the Thameslink main railway line
and a branch line to Bletchley

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