Monday, 31 December 2012

The Guardian: "Single men found to be rubbish at putting out the recycling"

"Women are doing more than their fair share of recycling, while single people living alone are less likely to recycle"

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"As many homes come to terms with a backlog of discarded wrapping paper and empty packaging after Christmas, women will take on the most responsibility for disposing of it in an environmentally friendly way, according to new research.

"... As local councils offer better recycling facilities, people are increasingly viewing it as an essential part of their household routine, rather than a voluntary green act. The UK's governments have set ambitious targets to increase domestic recycling of all waste to 50% by 2020 – currently standing at 41.5% in England and Wales, 37.2% in Scotland and 39.7% in Northern Ireland.

"The study shows that making men the focus for green messages could be the best way forward."

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