Monday, 18 March 2013

" 'Come down hard' on litter offenders, say Londoners"

Link to Evening Standard

"The leader of a London council today said a £400 penalty handed to a motorist for throwing a cellophane wrapper out of a car window should serve as a warning to other litter louts who blight the capital’s streets.

"Carmel Plummer, 27, from Clapham, was fined £200 for littering and ordered to pay £200 in court costs after being spotted dropping the rubbish in Abbey Mills, south west London.

"Stephen Alambritis, the leader of Merton council which brought the prosecution, made no apologies for the tough stance, saying litterbugs cost council tax payers millions of pounds every year.

"Branding people who litter 'reckless' and 'rude', he said: 'We need to send a strong message to offenders'."

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