Thursday, 14 March 2013

R+R: "Mayor demands faster Crossrail 2 progress" (to Alexandra Palace and Tottenham Hale lines)

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"The schedule for the Crossrail 2 north-south underground rail link for London needs to be brought forward, the capital's mayor Boris Johnson said yesterday.

Mayoral agency Transport for London is due to begin consultation this spring on two alternative proposals to build lines from south-west London to the north and north-east of the capital.

But, speaking yesterday at the Mipim international property conference in Cannes, France, Johnson said that the project needed to be accelerated to provide for London’s burgeoning population, which is set to reach a record 8.6 million during his term.

" 'At the moment it is scheduled to complete in about 2032,' he said. 'We need to bring that timetable forward, and do stuff on Crossrail 2 in parallel with Crossrail 1'.

"The mayor said that he had already spoken to Crossrail chairman Terry Morgan about how this could be done, and that he thought the government would be supportive. 'George Osborne has taken to the idea with great excitement,' he said. [Oh, no.]

"National Infrastructure Planning Association secretary Robbie Owen said that, to speed up Crossrail 2, the Department for Transport should consider using the Planning Act process rather than a Hybrid Bill, 'as it includes a 12 month fixed timetable and so overall could be quicker than the Government promoting a bill, particularly as DfT will be busy with two HS2 bills'."

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