Saturday, 9 March 2013

"Jeremy Irons joins Brussels fight for tax on plastic bags, as EU unveils plans to urge member states to ban them altogether"

Link to Daily Mail

"Jeremy Irons is leading a campaign to ban free plastic bags across Europe.

"The Oscar-winning actor called on lawmakers to tackle the ‘curable problem’ as the European Commission tabled proposals that could lead to a total ban by 2014.

"Among the measures being considered are landfill bans, taxes and pay-as-you-throw schemes to encourage recycling.

"Promoting his documentary Trashed, which focuses on some of the world’s most polluted places, Irons said plastic waste litters the most remote parts of the globe, thanks to our ‘throw-away’ culture."

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  1. Ah, Jeremy Irons on carrier bags - thank God: now I see the light. If only more actors would explain these difficult issues to us, how fortunate we would be and wouldn't the world be a better place?