Tuesday, 2 August 2011

[Updated] Evening Standard: "'Disgust' as park litter experiment backfires"

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"An experiment to get visitors to Hyde Park to take away their litter has left organisers 'disgusted'. Part of the park was left covered in fast-food wrappers, bottles, and even soiled nappies, after staff stopped clearing up at the weekend.

"Keep Britain Tidy spokeswoman Helen Bingham said:
"It was a real mess by this morning - it was disgusting. Lots of people have sat down on the grass and eaten or drunk or changed their baby's nappy, and left it behind. People normally don't see the consequences of littering. But this shows if you don't clear up after yourself, what it looks like. It's revolting."

BBC 'One Show': Hyde Park Rubbish Report

BBC iPlayer segments are at
2mins 15 secs and 33mins 45 secs.
Watching Michael Crawford segment may cause drowsiness

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