Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Haringey Journal: "Plans for huge Muswell Hill rubbish plant are ‘invalid’ say council"

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"The application by the North London Waste Authority (NLWA) and Barnet Council for a plant the size of two football pitches in Pinkham Way was put on ice by Haringey Council last month, leading to celebrations from campaigners.

"But the council revealed this week that the planning application was never 'valid' and cannot be registered - keeping it out of the public domain - because vital information was missing."

Our summary: This month or in September, the planning application should become valid, and be put into the public domain, but there will be no decision (or even consultation!) before April 2012. 

The NLWA is also promising fresh material, to add to the application, next year.

The current NLWA procurement timetable states that 'final tenders' for the waste contracts will be submitted in July 2012 (by two 'main' candidates, and three 'incinerator fuel' candidates, unless more drop out!).

Selected bidders will be chosen in October 2012.

Pinkham Way would become operational in October 2016. 

It is unclear how the bidders for the two NLWA contracts (processing and burning) would be told of the 'other' contract bidders' technical details. There are presumably six combinations (two times three).

The NLWA has, so far, refused to say if:
  • Pinkham Way would manage other waste, if quantities declined 'too much' from the seven boroughs (by the way, the current NLWA Hendon/Brent Cross site takes some waste from the West London Waste Authority area)
  • the 'burning' contract would allow the chosen company to mix third-party plastics and paper back into the mix, if recycling improved 'too much', over the expected 30 years of the contract (thereby increasing the UK market generally for burning, rather than recycling).

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