Thursday, 1 December 2011

Be a spy

Link to The Guardian

"The government intelligence service, GCHQ, is aiming to attract the next generation of web-savvy spies by running an ad campaign that challenges computer hackers to crack a code to get an interview.

"GCHQ, which reports to the foreign secretary and works with MI5 and MI6, has set up a website that is home to a tricky visual code.

"The agency is drumming up interest in the code by seeding a message into social media, such as blogs and forums, that cyber specialists with a 'keen interest in code breaking and ethical hacking' might frequent."

(We would tell you more, but we'd have to kill you afterwards.)

Comments on a forum:
"... I found it amusing that in the [additional] BBC article, they pointed out this was launched in 'secret' on 3 November. Clearly with the 12 December deadline looming, they realised no one had really taken part yet, so were getting desperate for some attention."
"... Then if shortlisted, you have to go through a four-month security clearance period where they check your background. (MOD is two months clearance)."
"... Worrying thing is, I imagine the brainless office peeps at my old work earned more than you would at GCHQ."

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