Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Mrs Angry: Barnet's Brian Coleman (GLA, Barnet, NLWA) a liability?

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Sec. of State Eric Pickles:
"who has every right to be!"

"The last few weeks have seen a growing sense of panic amongst the ranks of our Tory councillors, here in Broken Barnet.

"The unprecedented hostility from the public and the business community over the parking disaster, presided over with such impotent 'leadership' by Richard Cornelius*, has at last energised the back-benchers into some sort of mutinous thought process.

"The ultimate unthinkable thought is now slowly emerging like a rusty coiled spring from their clockwork brains:
"Is it time to get rid of Brian Coleman?"
"Yes, trembling Tory councillors of Broken Barnet, Mrs Angry is happy to confirm that it is indeed time. Mind your back, Brian."

* Link to 'Barnet Times':


  1. oy, how dare you put a hyphen in my coiled spring, you punctuation vandal? Do not mess with the written word of Mrs Angry, or you know what will happen.
    PS It's Mrs Angry, who had every right to be, copyright Eric Pickles 2011.

  2. The blogger who made the mistakes has been flogged.