Saturday, 10 December 2011

Barnet - Britain's Oddest Borough (and this is only the Audit Committee)

Link to Mrs Angry's 'Broken Barnet'

"The auditors came to town ... At one point, Tory councillor Brian Schama was not ready for the meeting to move on.

"Mrs Angry rather likes Councillor Schama: partly because he always grins at her in an twinkling, Tory-amused way at meetings, and partly because he is old-school gentleman Tory, and not a boorish oaf, like most of the Conservative Barnet councillors. Call Mrs Angry a snob, but she likes her class enemies to be well-mannered, and know which knife to use at table.

"... Sitting behind Ms Pam Wharfe was a large grey elephant, rearing up on its hind-legs, and reducing Mr Paul Hughes to a frantic display of pen-waggling. As an auditor of some experience, Mrs Angry can tell you that this is code for:
"Help me - I do not want to be here, I wish I was somewhere else, and I wish I had become a train driver, instead of an auditor."

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  1. you and your flipping hyphens ... leave my punctuation alone you grammatical vandal!