Saturday, 3 December 2011

Just When You Thought It Was Safe To Go Back Outside: A reminder what Pinkham Way traffic looks like

Link to 'OutdoorPlus' web site

Size: Backlight 96-sheet: 12m wide x 3m high 
Material: PVC [Wonder what they do with the PVC afterwards...]
Illumination: Backlit  
Audience: 'On Target Sightings' [we assume that's 'OTS']: 716,083 per 2 weeks (Department for Transport) [This is a TfL road.] 
Rates: £8,000 per 2 week.

"Peerless positioning,
affluent audiences, and
dominant digital display:
An OutdoorPlus campaign epitomises all three." 

"Our clients are among advertising elite – Diagio, Mercedes, and Sky. Take a look at our very best work." 

[Like spelling the wretched names of their clients correctly.
'Diagio' is a cross between a bottle of Smirnoff and the ITV commentator at the 2011 Rugby World Cup.]

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