Sunday, 5 May 2013

"Barnet ex-Mayor Brian Coleman: The end of the line - A trial in Metroland"

Gaily into Ruislip Gardens
Runs the red electric train,
With a thousand Ta’s and Pardon’s
Daintily alights Elaine ...

Link to Mrs Angry's 'Broken Barnet'

"Although seen from a distance, the film [of the crime] was compelling viewing. We all sat in silence, watching the figure of Brian Coleman approach the cash machine, Helen Michael come out of her cafe and film him from a distance, and then, the lunge he made at her, at some speed, and the prolonged tussle, or rather attack, which ensued. 

"People in the public gallery gasped. Monster! yelled one woman. It was truly a shocking sight.

"... In mitigation, it was stated that Coleman was of previously good character. This was met with some derision from the public gallery. He had devoted his life, we were told, to public service. You can imagine the reaction to that. The judge asked drily:
"Do I gather that the people in the public gallery are not supporters?"
"There was, as you might expect, a certain amount of enthusiastic response to that suggestion."

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