Monday, 20 May 2013

Mon 20 May: 'Trashed' film, plus Q&A with Director Candida Brady and Waste Watch

Link to The Ritzy Cinema, Brixton

"Join us for a Q&A after the screening with director Candida Brady and Tim Burns from Waste Watch. Screening supported by Waste Watch (part of Keep Britain Tidy).

"In something of AN INCONVENIENT TRUTH for global litter louts, British documentary-maker Candida Brady has recruited Jeremy Irons to front a powerful denunciation of waste management and its malign consequences for our environment and health.

"From a Mediterranean ecosystem irrevocably damaged by a Lebanese landfill that grows by 80 tonnes a day, to the French town with dioxin levels 13,000 times the allowable maxima, Brady briskly provides ample evidence of the scandal and its international scale, also exposing the industrial lobbying that persuades governments – including ours – to ignore it.

"With his silky baritone and commanding on-screen presence, Irons is a persuasive advocate for the cause – indeed, he’s listed as co-producer – and the last section of TRASHED judiciously offers some hope by detailing solutions that can and must be implemented."

Link to:
"Jeremy Irons talks trash for his new environmental documentary"

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