Wednesday, 29 May 2013

North London Waste Authority: "Statement on tree management work at Pinkham Way"

May 29, 2013
"Some residents have expressed an interest in tree management work that NLWA is proposing for the Pinkham Way site. NLWA can confirm that it has submitted an application to London Borough of Haringey (LBH), as the local planning authority, to carry out tree management work on the site. NLWA has applied to carry out this work in order to ensure that, in the case of some potentially dangerous trees, the site and site boundaries are safe for local people.

"The work proposed is required to make the site and boundaries safe, and also includes works to maintain other non-dangerous trees on the site, ensuring that they remain as healthy as possible. The work NLWA is proposing takes account of the recommendations of LBH’s tree officer, and the recommendations of an independent tree survey specialist. The application is available on LBH’s website, and details what work we are proposing to carry out as well as the original proposed timetable. Any felled branches which fall within the site boundary will be left on-site so as to retain existing habitats as naturally as possible; only those branches that overhang boundary paths will be removed for public safety and to avoid obstructing the highway and/or paths.

"If the application is successful the work will be carried out in accordance with any conditions required by LBH. NLWA expects the timing of the work to take account of seasonal implications for the biodiversity on the site, such as any nesting birds and hibernating bats, as well as the requirement to ensure the public’s safety."

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