Monday, 17 June 2013

The Guardian: "Trash to cash: Norway leads the way in turning waste into energy"

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"For a country blessed with bountiful oil supplies, it may appear incongruous. But Norway is importing as much rubbish as it can get its hands on, in an effort to generate more energy by burning waste in vast incinerators.

"The Eurotrash business may sound like an unpromising enterprise, but it's one that is increasingly profitable. The UK paid to send 45,000 tonnes of household waste from Bristol and Leeds to Norway between October 2012 and April this year.

"Pål Spillum, head of waste recovery at the Climate and Pollution Agency in Norway, says:
"Waste has become a commodity. There is a big European market for this, so much so that the Norwegians are accepting rubbish from other countries to feed the incinerator."

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