Monday, 22 October 2012

Barnet Bugle: "ITV London Tonight features Barnet's latest 'Polemical' film, and Brian Coleman being charged"

Link to Barnet Bugle

Link to 'Not the Barnet Times':
"Richard Cornelius has got to go!"

"Brian Coleman knows that his political career is in its death throes and, like a spoilt child, he is determined to take the whole Conservative Group down with him. It will undoubtedly serve them right, but it will be the residents who ultimately suffer, as we will end up with another ruinous Labour administration.

"If the Conservatives wish to retain any credibility as a serious political party, then Mr Cornelius must be removed as leader, and replaced by someone who will deal with recalcitrant and errant councillors. Time is running out if they want to hold on to power."

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