Monday, 29 October 2012

"Offshore Tax Havens: how the wealthy loot the world"

"Friends of Le Monde Diplomatique is a UK-based affiliate of the Les Amis Le Monde Diplomatique, which supports the writings and tradition which has evolved over 50 years of publication of the Le Monde Diplomatique Newspaper. Our 'Cafe Diplo' meetings at The Gallery at Farringdon, in the City of London on selected Monday evenings, are presented (in English) in the context of our global anti neo-conservative-liberal tradition, and give an opportunity for lively debate between speakers and audience."

Next Cafe Diplo - Monday 5th November - Offshore Tax Havens: how the wealthy loot the world with Richard Murphy

Dear Friend of Le Monde Diplomatique,
We cordially invite you to join us our next Cafe Diplo on Monday 5th November 2012
The talk begins at 6.45pm and ends around 8.30pm, giving plenty of time for questions and discussion. Wine and soft drinks will be on sale. We suggest you arrive 15 minutes beforehand so that you can settle in with a glass of wine or fruit juice.
The Cafe is at our usual venue at The Gallery, 70/77 Cowcross Street, London, EC1M 6EJ. The nearest tube station is Farringdon - the station has recently been re-built and after you emerge from either of the two exits you head up the hill into Cowcross Street. Map of the venue
Entrance fee: £3 (£2 for concessions). Tickets on the door.
Further details on Friends of Le Monde Diplomatique website and see also the future programme of events
Monday 5th November - Offshore Tax Havens: how the wealthy loot the world with Richard Murphy
Tax havens are secrecy jurisdictions lying at the centre of the Global Economy. Half the world’s trade passes through them, and they afford the opportunity to avoid tax, financial regulation, criminal law and democratic scrutiny. They hide trillions of dollars on behalf of banks, multinationals, wealthy individuals and criminals, leaving the rest of society to pay for the public services on which we all depend. Richard Murphy, a chartered accountant, economist and tax expert will discuss this web of corruption and concealment. He is a founder of the Tax Justice Network, director of Tax Research LLP and co-author of 'Tax Havens': How Globalisation Really Works (2009). His most recent book The Courageous State, was published in 2011.
We look forward to seeing you,
With Best Wishes,
Committee, FLMD

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