Friday, 5 October 2012

Mrs Angry: "A Night to Remember: One Barnet - the Captain refuses to go down with the ship" (and a new Chief Exec. for Haringey!)

Link to Broken Barnet

"Mr Nick Walkley, the Chief Executive of the London Borough of Broken Barnet, is leaving his post, in order to become the CEO of (tee hee) Haringey Council.

"... As the news spread throughout the corridors of North London Business Park, staff were openly weeping at their desks, inconsolable at the thought of losing the man who has done so much to facilitate the introduction of the 'One Barnet' programme, ...

"... We look forward to Haringey's new model of local government, due in about, oh, three years' time, one would imagine. 

"And what now for Barnet? Most amusingly, in today's 'Barnet Press' story, an unnamed 'senior Tory councillor' declared:
"He was never really the right man for Barnet. In a way, he came from a left-wing point of view. I think it is a little bit disloyal for him actually to leave at such a time."

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