Thursday, 10 May 2012

Evening Standard: "Angry BBC newsreader throws rubbish back into car in traffic jam"

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"When Radio Four newsreader Alice Arnold — racing commentator Clare Balding’s civil partner — saw an empty plastic bottle fly out of the car in front of her as they waited in traffic she decided enough was enough.

"The 49-year-old Londoner got out of her car, picked up the bottle and hurled it back through the open window from which it had just been tossed.

"Today she was hailed as a 'litter crusader' after her tweet about the incident near Hampton Court triggered a huge online response."

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  1. Admirable. Unfortunately, I know someone who did the same thing (but with a parked car that he was walking past) in west London, and he was badly beaten up by the three people in the car as a result.