Thursday, 17 May 2012

Sun 20 May: Coppetts Wood Festival

"Pinkham Wood has a mirror site, north-west of and adjacent to the Colney Hatch Lane Tesco superstore, at the junction of the A406 and Colney Hatch Lane.

Both sites were once sewage works; both closed as such in 1963. Interestingly, it’s precisely this past that’s given rise to such rich and diverse natural life on both.

In 1997, Barnet Council made Coppetts Wood a Local Nature Reserve, and it thrives as a fantastic bit of countryside for enjoyment and learning.

Run by volunteers, it is something of an inspiration for what Pinkham Wood itself could become. Local conservationist and valued PWA expert Ollie Natelson has recently won a civic award for his work there.

On Sunday 20 May, from 2pm to 4.30pm, you can enjoy the Woodland Spring Festival at Coppetts Wood. It’s a great time to see the site if you’ve never been. As last year, the PWA will have a stall there."

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