Wednesday, 16 May 2012

The Guardian: The London Borough of Barnet and the Graph of Doom

"Without radical change, the cost of social care could soak up every penny of Barnet council's budget within 20 years"

Link to The Guardian
(includes Barnet document)

"Let me to introduce you to the Barnet Graph of Doom. It's a PowerPoint slide, showing that within 20 years, unless things change dramatically, the north London council will be unable to provide any services except adult social care and children's services. No libraries, no parks, no leisure centres – not even bin collections.

"Barnet, once dubbed 'easyCouncil', is known for its enthusiastic embrace of service outsourcing. But the Graph of Doom is quite separate. Irrespective of savings planned under the One Barnet transformation strategy, the slide demonstrates that demographic change – more children, more older people – is going to soak up every penny the authority has."

(Incidentally, a later slide is full of rubbish about Brent Cross.)

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