Monday, 17 September 2012

Channel 4: "What has Occupy done for us?"

"A year ago, activists pitched tents in New York's Zucotti Park and the global Occupy protest movement was born. But has it actually changed anything? Channel 4 News takes a look." 

Link to Channel 4

"... In the UK's Friern Barnet, Occupy has lent its name and its firepower to a group campaigning to save the local library.

"Last week, the protesters reclaimed the building and opened it to the public. There have also been events over the weekend, with more expected today in the United States and elsewhere, to mark the one-year anniversary.

"But in a way, at the moment at least, it seems Occupy – which began as a facilitator for public debate – is now acting as little more than a facilitator for publicity for other protests. Certainly it is now longer the notorious, challenging daily presence it was a year or so ago – either on our streets or in our heads."

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