Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Ham and High: "North London Waste Plan thrown out over lack of consultation"

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"... Cllr Juliet Solomon, Liberal Democrat councillor for Alexandra ward, who has been working closely with campaign group Pinkham Way Alliance, said:
“This is good news, but it is mind boggling that a multi-million pound public body, spending our taxpayers’ money on waste disposal, could make such an elementary mistake."
"... A spokesman for the North London Waste Authority, the organisation responsible for disposing of household and commercial waste collected by councils in north London, said: 
"The North London Waste Authority acknowledges the Inspector’s recent announcement on the North London Waste Plan. We will make a further announcement on our intentions once we have considered the matter with the Authority’s Members. In the meantime, we continue with our ongoing procurement process for contracts to provide sustainable, cost-effective solutions for dealing with north London’s waste.

In the near future, North London must develop a new waste treatment infrastructure that will allow us to increase recycling and recover as much value as possible from non-recyclable waste. Continuing to send significant volumes of waste to landfill sites outside of London is not an option, if we are to keep waste disposal costs as low as possible, and meet our environmental ambitions."

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