Saturday, 22 September 2012

Pinkham Way Alliance message

"Tickets are now available for another fantastic Dame Emma Kirkby fundraising recital on 7th October, but first... we've had reports that the North London Waste Authority have been conducting so-called research local to the Pinkham Way site."

1. North London Waste Authority telephone survey

"Residents local to Pinkham Way have been receiving research phone calls from an agency working for the North London Waste Authority (NLWA).

We’ve spoken to the NLWA, and they claim that this is standard - the sort of research they commission all the time. This is clearly disingenuous; it is no coincidence that it’s going on now, and so close to the site.

The NLWA are trying to suggest to us that our opinion matters, and remind us that they care about green issues.

As is often the case, set multi-choice questions are used to avoid answers that the research client doesn’t want to deal with. Or that won’t give them the results that fit their PR agenda.

However, it is probably better that we engage with the researchers than simply refuse. If not you, they’ll just speak to someone else - someone who may not be as aware of their client’s motives.

There may well be questions that don’t provide enough information or options to make a satisfactory response. In which case, decline their options, and ask the interviewer to take down your opinions word for word. Ask questions of your own.

Here are a few simple thoughts on the areas of debate that the NLWA survey doesn’t want to engage with. Please have a quick read in case they call you.

2. Emma Kirkby fundraiser on 7 October

"We once again have the privilege to confirm that Dame Emma Kirkby will be performing to raise campaign funds. A local resident and long-time opponent of the plans for Pinkham Way, her assistance is invaluable. But, that aside, let's not forget that it'll be a wonderful recital in an intimate venue - a genuine bargain at the price - and we urge you to book now, because her concert last year sold out.

As before, Emma Kirkby will be accompanied by world-class lutenist Jakob Lindberg.

The recital will be at 4pm on Sunday 7 October, at St Andrew's Church, Alexandra Park Road, N10 2DD. It's £15 for adults, and £10 for under-16s.

Find out more and book your tickets now."

"We'll be in touch again soon with a very important request that you take part in another quick Haringey consultation about the site.

If we needed any more proof that the NLWA are still hell bent on going ahead with this misguided waste plant, their current  telephone research is it. Please keep up with the news, and spread the word.

Don't forget you can follow us on Twitter, join the Facebook Group, and make a donation here."

Kind regards,
Bidesh Sarkar
Chair,Pinkham Way Alliance

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