Sunday, 10 February 2013

New York Times: "Shortage of Engineers a Strain on Britain's Economy"

(Video of one of the featured companies
in the New York Times)

"Engineering has never been truly prestigious in Britain, where traditionally many of the best brains have opted for careers in law, medicine, the civil service or the news media.

"Add to that the more recent lure of London’s financial sector, which, despite recent layoffs, still offers lavish salaries and bonuses. It is little wonder that British manufacturing struggles to compete for the country’s most capable young people.

"... Mr. Reece, an engineering graduate of the University of Cambridge, said:
"Engineers have low status in this country. Historically, there has been a class-based view: posh people think engineers are tradesman.

Lawyers and accountants are regarded as professionals, while engineers are down there with the lumpen proletariat, the tradesmen who fix your toilet'."

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