Thursday, 28 February 2013

"Shall we take a look round London?" (1964-vintage Daleks plan their day out)

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"Terry Nation's first Dalek story the previous year had been such a success that a sequel was the obvious move. And this was the story that really ushered in 'Dalekmania' – a different kind of invasion, one of kites, water-pistols and lunchboxes taking over the schools of Britain.

"They were also deemed worthy of Doctor Who's first-ever location filming – the sight of Daleks trundling around Whitehall, Trafalgar Square, Westminster Bridge, Albert Embankment and the Royal Albert Hall made for some of the most memorable sequences in the show's history.

"Seeing these awful creatures transplanted to your doorstep must have been a terrifying prospect at the time. Although it also must be said that the appearance of the defeated Dalek, its forlorn eyestalk drooping down, is very funny. 

"Sadly, last week saw the death at 84 of Raymond Cusick, the man who brought the Daleks to terrifying life. While Nation invented them, it was Cusick, as a BBC production designer, who came up their iconic look, one that has remained largely unchanged in 50 years."

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