Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Barnet's Reign of Terror - its Audit Committee

Link to Mrs Angry's 'Broken Barnet web site

"If you want a sensible analysis of the content of last night's meeting, go and ask Mr Reasonable, or Mr Mustard, who were seated beside Mrs Angry, and seemed to understand what they were all going on about. Mr Mustard wrote a lot of notes in purple ink on a yellow legal pad, and kept poking Mrs Angry with his elbow, making knowing comments, while Mr Reasonable muttered in despair, shaking his weary head, all the way through.

"Chairman Lord Palmer was his usual lovely self, and helpfully looked meaningfully in Mrs Angry's direction when at some particularly significant point in the proceedings, which was helpful. He is that rare thing in politics: a good man, with a sense of conscience and duty. If only our Tory councillors were so disposed.

"Deputy Chief Exec. Andrew Travers talked enthusiastically about monitoring contracts: a late convert to this concept, but better late than never, eh? Another brilliant idea is that, from now on, Barnet will be using systems 'properly' (this is presumably after Mrs Angry's 'action plan' advice, to pull his fucking finger out). So that's all good news, isn't it?"

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