Friday, 2 September 2011

LetsRecycle: "Veolia unveils innovative MRF sorting technique"

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(Veolia is one of two short-listed companies for the main NLWA contract; the other is FCC/ Skanska.)

"Veolia ES has unveiled a new ‘economically viable’ approach to sorting which it claims will allow councils to collect a wider range of plastics from households without having to use more containers. 

"The technology, dubbed ‘The Magpie’, is set to be installed in the UK for the first time this week at the 30,000 tonne-a-year capacity materials recycling facility (MRF) Veolia is building at Padworth in West Berkshire. The company then plans to retro-fit it in its 10 existing MRFs nationwide."

'Incineration myth'

"During the briefing, Mr Kirkman disputed the 'myth' that Veolia’s waste activities focus on incineration. 'We recycle as much as we incinerate,' he said, adding that 'we’ll have more treatment capacity that isn’t incineration by the beginning of next year'.

“... Much has been made about the benefits of Anaerobic Digestion, but it has yet to achieve its full potential. By combining AD with other technologies, such as composting, we believe AD can have a very bright future in the UK,” he said.

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