Wednesday, 14 September 2011

BBC: "Trains are a rich man's toy, says transport secretary"

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"British railways are a 'rich man's toy', Transport Secretary Philip Hammond has told MPs.

"He said it was an 'uncomfortable fact' that trains were already used by the better-off, and said some fares were 'eye-wateringly expensive'.

"Commuter season tickets are set to rise by about 8% on average next year - an above-inflation increase, which is part of the government's plan to reduce the cost of the rail network to the public purse.

"Stephen Joseph, of the 'Campaign for Better Transport' said: 
"Philip Hammond's description of rail fares as 'eye-watering' must lead the minister to reconsider the steep fare rises currently planned by government.

Far from being simply 'a rich man's toy', trains are also vital for many of those on more moderate incomes who need to get to work, and the government will price many off the railways, if it carries on with its plan to increases rail fares at three per cent above inflation over the next few years."

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