Sunday, 25 September 2011

The Sell-Off of Barnet Council Continues: the short-list

Link to report of 'Broken Barnet'

"As mentioned previously, seven bidders were invited to participate in the dialogue process. We now have four bidders, because three - Avarto UK, CSC Computer Sciences UK and IBM - withdrew prior to their first meeting. (Mrs Angry comment: Oh dear: three bidders dropped out ... was it something we said? Funny about IBM, especially. Is it that One Barnet is really becoming too toxic for some companies to touch? But don't worry: there are still four clients sitting on the sofa, waiting to see what we have to offer their jaded appetites ...)

"The four the Council met with this week are
  • BT, (well f*ck me, who would have thought it?)  
  • Capita, (never!) 
  • HCL Axon consortium (who? Tender fodder? Ah, seems they are awfully keen on SAP systems - you're in luck here in Broken Barnet, friends ...) and 
  • Serco (yawn ... no surprise there ... )  

While the withdrawal of any bidder is regrettable, it is common in competitive dialogue. (Running away as fast their little legs can carry them ...) Their decisions were strongly influenced by the amount of time, commitment and resource that companies have to commit to the competitive dialogue process, and other competing commercial opportunities. (Aha. Mmm. Didn't want to risk their spotless reputations for a night of passion in Broken Barnet.)"

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