Saturday, 24 November 2012

Friern Barnet Library: "Phoenix Networking Update"

"We are entering the last month before the court date on 18 December 2012, 10am at Barnet County Court, Regents Park Rd. Please come and bring as many people as possible.

Thanks to all who worked hard on the Will Self Night - it was a great success, with over 175 people attending.

What we need is to marshall all our forces and networks to focus on council decision makers. The decision about the Library is a political decision for the ruling Conservative Party. We are told by our Conservative insiders, in the know that they think most people are not bothered about the Library issue, and that they will be able to push on and demolish this historic building. Its not yet time for the 'Beat the Bulldozer' pledge, though that may be coming.

We must persuade them that this is a very important electoral issue. So we are asking everyone to take five minutes for the library, to save this beacon of knowledge and learning for future generations.

Operation Library Storm:  
Text, Email and Twitter:

Write an email to some or all of the people below, saying something like:
“I am a concerned local voter, I am very concerned about Friern Barnet Library. I'm glad the Council has licensed the occupiers to look after it in the short term, and met to negotiate with them, but I think the Council should face up to its responsibilities to save it in the long term. Especially as funds are now also available from the Arts Depot Landmark library which is not going ahead. … The current community lead occupation is doing a great job, but we need a council-run library as it is the Council's duty. That we pay our taxes for ... and add your own reasons why you wish the library to stay open ...

Yours Sincerely,
Local resident and voter"
Please create your own personal message, and most important ask for a reply with the Council's reasons for attempting to close our very popular local library and community centre.

ALSO send it to Kate Salinger, local councillor for the area.
Copy in as many councillors as you can find on

Tel: 07968 964 461 Txt or call her - be polite
Theresa Villiers MP:
Chipping Barnet Conservative Association:
Especially mention to the Chipping Barnet Conservative Association that this is an election issue, and will affect how you vote.

Final thoughts:

When the Library at Alexandria was burned, up to a million scrolls were destroyed. This government is closing 260 libraries. If each of these contained the 8,000 books we have been donated in 10-11 weeks, then that means this council and government are effectively modern-day book burners, removing over two million books from circulation. Books that would inspire young and old, to greater heights of knowledge - to who knows what. Even Spain and Greece wracked by austerity are not closing their Libraries.

NB: Also contact as much MEDIA as you can.
Please take five mins to email,text, twitter and phone-call, to save this Beacon of Knowledge that is our local Library and Community Centre.

Love and Networking, Phoenix and the Library Caretakers.
facebook group : Friern Barnet Library Occupied and Liberated
Twitter : @occupiedlibrary
Library Caretakers: 07592 231 150
Keep Networking - we can win this ..."


Below is a general leaflet about the library, to print out and share with friends and community

Author Craig Phoenix will be appearing at the library 1st December 11am-1pm  More ...

Saturday 1 December 2-5pm Friern Barnet Library A LOVE STORY, PAST AND PRESENT  Our Love Libraries event - everyone welcome, please contact other libraries that are under threat, and invite them to this event. Poster attached below, and a full timetable will be available on-line shortly - check for details

MONDAY 26 NOVEMBER 6.00pm - 7.00pm:
  Monday Organisational Meeting
TUESDAY 27 NOVEMBER 7.00pm - 8.15pm:
  Yoga Workshop with Luana
THURSDAY 29 NOVEMBER 11.15am -11.45am:
  Story & Song time for pre-schoolers
  (run by Tanya, a pre-school teacher)

7.30 pm - 9.00 pm: Open Mic Night - all welcome to watch or participate!
  Read about our previous open mic nights
FRIDAY 30 NOVEMBER 4.00 pm - 5.00 pm: French
6.30pm - 7.30pm: Yoga with Emily
Big appeal for local volunteers to come in and stand behind the desk and run your library and community centre. Two-hour shifts. Now is the time for the local team to step in, step up and reclaim their library and community centre.
Love Story

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