Sunday, 18 November 2012

[Reposted] Mon 19 Nov: 'Pinkham Way Alliance' to Speak at Haringey Council Meeting

"This coming Monday is a milestone for the Pinkham Way Alliance - we'll be speaking at Haringey’s full council meeting.

"There’s room for viewers in the gallery, so please come along if you'd like to see it.

Monday 19 November, at 7.30pm
Haringey Civic Centre
High Road, N22 8LE

"As ever, your presence on the night will remind the council that these are issues their residents are deeply concerned about.

"The Haringey Lib Dems have organised a debate on ‘Waste in the 21st Century’, to take place at the meeting. The PWA have a five-minute slot to speak half way through the meeting itself, followed by five minutes of questions.

"We hope also to take part later on in the main debate itself, which will follow the routine council business.

"The discussion will not be adversarial, but we’re calling into question some key assumptions. Unquestioned, these assumptions could leave all north London residents being financially penalised for not producing enough black-bag waste. And yet we're encouraged to avoid waste, and to reuse and recycle!?. Our short speech will be enough to make some very telling criticism. For more details, see below.

"We hope we’ll see some of you there. There’s room for 60 or 70 in the gallery, and if it's full, it will concentrate the minds of the council. If you’ve got any questions, feel free to email us."


“In a few weeks the North London Waste Authority (NLWA) will be signing a waste contract for a total value of £4-billion. Haringey, as one of the seven NLWA member councils, will be participating.

As part of this, the council either has already, or will have, approved in the near future, a contract with the NLWA. The contract will guarantee a Minimum Tonnage (GMT) of residual (black bag) waste to be delivered to the NLWA from Haringey, for the initial 25 to 35 year term of the contract.

Residents commend the Council’s initiative on recycling, which has significantly increased the recycling rate towards the 2020 target of 50%.

However, in light of the fact that waste continues to decline, and that the direction of policy is towards waste prevention and re-use, residents are deeply concerned that the Council, and by extension they themselves as Council Tax payers, will incur financial penalties under the GMT agreement – because they are producing too little residual waste. Thus the welcome gains from reduced landfill tax may be substantially eroded by compensation to the NLWA contractor for lost revenue.

The Pinkham Way Alliance, speaking on behalf of concerned residents, feels that these are questions which are too little understood and need open discussion.”

"Don't forget you can follow us on Twitter, join the Facebook Group, and make a donation here."

Bidesh Sarkar
Chair, Pinkham Way Alliance

PWA: Public Meeting in Friern Barnet, Thurs 22 November

"The PWA is holding a public meeting for Friern Barnet area residents, at St John's Parish Centre (behind the church), Friern Barnet Road, N11 3BS. The meeting starts at 7.45pm

Two of our members have recently visited the Farington Plant in Lancashire.

They're not saying it would happen here, rather look what happens when it goes wrong, and there are many times more residents within a 600m radius here than there are in Farington. Read their feedback about the site here."

"Residents’ fury at ‘broken promises’ of waste firm."
Link to 'Leyland Guardian'

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