Saturday, 10 November 2012

"Could the Sustainable Communities Act help save Friern Barnet Library?"

Link to Local Works [gettit?] web site

"The transformation of the once-closed Friern Barnet Library back into a fully functioning library, community hub and site of resistance has attracted national media attention in recent weeks. If the library is to stay open permanently, however, the people of Friern Barnet will need some help. That help could be at hand, if we use the Sustainable Communities Act, a radical new law that gives people the power to get more help from government to tackle community decline.

"Despite an 18-month long protest against its closure, the Friern Barnet Library was occupied by squatters and transformed into a DIY library, after being left vacant by the council for 5 months. The community response to the occupation has been astounding. The shelves are now full, with roughly 5,000 books having been donated. More than a library, the building has acted as a community hub, holding workshops, music events and meetings. A rota of volunteers help run the library, united by a common goal to preserve this valuable public asset. Despite phenomenal support, the fate of Friern Barnet Library remains in the balance."

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