Wednesday, 22 February 2012

(Updated) Bid to make part of Alexandra Palace a UNESCO World Heritage Site

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UN World Heritage Proposal now accepted!

"The Alexandra Palace Trust Board has adopted the UN World Heritage site proposal as a strategic goal.

The new Chief Executive's report on the proposal is here.

The presentation made to the Trust Board meeting on 16 February 2012 is here."

Link to PDF document

Proposal to the Alexandra Park & Palace Trust Board

"That the APPTB – with support from Borough of Haringey – should seek UNESCO World Heritage Site gift-of-inscription for the South-East wing of Alexandra Palace. To include the BBC television studios, control rooms, dressing and transmitter rooms, telecine area, tower offices and transmission tower."

Link to Haringey Independent (2010) 

Next meeting:
14 March 2012:
"From Green Lane to Shopping City - the story of the Wood Green High Road"
Albert Pinching

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    If the south east wing is taken out of the equation, there is some bits of Alexandra Palace left that is of national importance (notably the theatre. But, there is nothing of international importance, let alone anything that would qualify for UN World Heritage status.

    The Proposal put to the Trust Board last Thursday relates to the South East wing of Alexandra Palace, containing the TV studios, which comprises only about 10% of the total area.

    In this limited goal, the South East wing, has a real chance of qualifying. The precedent is the Grimeton radio station near Varberg Sweden.

    Or course even if just a part of AP gained UNESCO world heritage status, there would be a reflection on the whole as the Studios are inseparable from the whole building.